Born in 1961, Chris came up as a songwriter in the mid-1980s, playing in such popular East German bands as Simple Song, Wild Eagle and Heartland. He served as front man, singer, song writer, guitarist and producer. The following years ‘on the road’ as an artist all across Europe, Great Britain, and the United States were the most musically productive trip that one could ever hope to have.    

The amazing results: 40 years of on-stage activity, 120 songs written, CD production, long-time endorsement deals, guest on radio and television, as well as over 4,500 live shows. Deeply rooted in the “American Spirit of Music”, the charismatic and unmistakable musician who defies easy categorization.  

Himself, influenced by such styles as Americana, West Coast, Country, Bluegrass, Folk-Rock, Irish/Celtic, this world traveler has developed into a genuine cross-pollination, whose career doesn’t know slumps/set-backs and is only getting better with age.  

The very diverse encounters with other cultural roots have made a strong impression on his stylistic diversity and authenticity. This has constantly challenged and pushed his musical borders resulting in a style that has become all his own.

Grooving acoustic guitars sounds, a distinctive voice, hand-made music through and through, all seen and heard in a fresh and authentic performance. Here is where the fun, spontaneity, and an intoxicating interaction with audiences have become his trademark, the essence of his very being.  
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